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Digital Orthodontic Lab Services



Accutech is a digital orthodontic laboratory!

We can fabricate custom retainers from your digital impressions.

Accutech is a leader in orthodontic digital technology. Whether you’ve gone digital or are considering going digital in your practice, we are here to help. We can guide you step-by-step through the process of how to export your digital files to us safely and securely.

We can fabricate fixed and removable appliances from your digital scans!

Just Imagine!

No more measuring or mixing alginate, loading impression trays, taking or disinfecting impressions, pouring models, packaging models or impressions, or all the clean up associated with the traditional impression technique.

Be the first in your area!

One of the biggest complaints among orthodontic patients is the impressions! Just imagine being the first orthodontist in your area to offer “no more gooey impressions for braces” and having your patients telling their friends about the high-tech, chair side experience they had at your office.

Here are the six easy steps for the digital process:

1. Scan your patients teeth

2. Fill out a digital RX from our website

3. Export patient .stl files from scanner

4. Upload .stl files and Rx to Accutech

5. We print plastic models from your digital impressions

6. We then fabricate custom appliances as per your digital Rx and ship them to your office via UPS

To begin the digital work flow process follow the 1-2-3 guide click here, or you may contact our Digital Expert for more information!

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