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Did You Know We Offer One-on-One Orthodontic Laboratory Technician Training?

Accutech Orthodontic Lab offers training sessions to make sure your in-house orthodontic technicians are ready and capable to meet the demands and high-quality standards of your business.  Our training sessions are conducted by dental technicians who are certified in fabrication of orthodontic appliances by the National Association of Dental Laboratories.  The sessions are one-on-one and you can choose the agenda based on the needs of your practice.

At Accutech we understand the importance of producing happy orthodontic customers and providing them with high quality appliances.  That is why we offer training sessions that provide invaluable focused firsthand experience.
For more information on how we can assist with your team’s training needs please contact Accutech’s Dave Scanlan at 1-800-734-7855 or via email at   You can also read more HERE