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EMA(Elastic Mandibular Advancement)

What is the EMA Appliance? 

It stands for "Elastic Mandibuler Advancement"  The EMA is a FDA approved oral device for the treatment of mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  The EMA oral appliance  increases airway space by advancing the mandible using interchangeable elastic straps. EMA elastic straps come in 9 different lengths and 4 different strengths. The shorter the EMA elastic strap, the farther the mandible is advanced. 36 different straps  allow for the most effective repositioning with maximum comfort.

How does it work?

The EMA Oral Appliance from Myerson works by opening the bite and gently advancing the mandible with interchangeable elastic straps to increase airway space. This custom made oral appliance is only available through medical and dental professionals.

What do I need to send to Accutech?

Full upper and lower PVS impressions or models. A centric bite    registration with 8-10mm anterior opening. According to Myerson, the recommended distance between the buttons is 27mm apart. If, however, mouth space or the range of mandibular advancement is limited, then the measurement should be 25mm. This should be    indicated on your Rx either way.