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Important information about dental laboratories
(What a lab can and cannot do)

Dental laboratories have a very close relationship with the dental health professionals who care for your teeth as well as your gums, your jaws and everything that goes into a healthy smile. The relationship is similar to that of a physician and a pharmacist. A licensed dental professional (dentist) must decide what is best for you and if their treatment plan requires a dental appliance (a nightguard, denture, crown, retainer, etc.). They will write a prescription and send it to a dental laboratory. Using models of your teeth provided by your dental professional, the laboratory will fabricate a custom dental appliance that is designed to meet the treatment objectives described in the prescription.

So, a dental lab can make custom dental appliances, however, they cannot work directly with the public. Only your licensed dental professional can determine what suits your individual needs and prescribe a dental appliance. Perhaps you will find something on this website that seems like it might help you address a dental health concern. We suggest you bring it to the attention of your dental health professional and direct them to our website.