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Client Benefits


Guaranteed, On-Time Delivery

By using our “One Look Schedule Card”, all of our products are guaranteed to be delivered On-Time Every-Time or they’re free!

Quick Turn-Around Time
All appliances are only 3 days in lab! Two days to us…three days in lab…two days back to your office.

Free 2nd Day Shipping
We pay all shipping charges BOTH WAYS within the contiguous U.S.! This can save you thousands of dollars annually.

Use your Visa/MasterCard monthly for convenience paying, and save postage too.
Take advantage of our weekly program that will provide you with a 1.5 % discount per invoice.
Earn cash back and/or air miles from your credit card vendor using either of the above options.

Free Retainer Container with ALL Removable Appliances
We provide a Free “Retainer Container” with all removable retainers. Plus, your patient can choose their favorite color from a selection of eight brilliant colors!

No Hassles on Remakes
For whatever reason, remakes do happen! If and when they do occur, Accutech has a unique approach. We do not penalize everyone for a few remakes. All remakes are FREE, no questions asked. We monitor each client monthly and individualize.

No Rush Charges
We understand and acknowledge that sometimes a case just has to be back sooner! We take the same approach as above; we do not charge extra for a few rush cases, our response is “Yes We Can, No Problem”!

Case by Case Feedback Opportunity
A “Customer Care Card” comes with every case, packaged with the invoice. It has two parts:
1- The left part serves as patient identification for that particular case.
2- The right part (orange print) is the actual Customer Care Card.
It is a great communication tool designed to help us serve you better. Please use them as often as you like. The more you tell us, the more we can improve!

24-7 Contact a Manager Feature
We Know Your TIME is Valuable! You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team leaders all have e-mail so you can communicate from the comfort of your home or office & at a time that is convenient for you. We will respond the very next business day!