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Introduction to the Orthodontic Lab DVD


Accutech now offers training DVDs for orthodontic laboratory technicians. Each video features a comprehensive training session. The training sessions begin with a review of the terminology required to “speak the language” of orthodontic technology. Then we introduce the trainee to the materials and equipment needed to perform the hand skills segment. With this solid foundation, we then walk the trainee through a step-by-step fabrication procedure. These DVDs are designed for use in the lab and can easily be viewed on a laptop while training. They are perfect for developing an in -house technician or for teaching your office staff about orthodontic appliances. These same techniques have proven successful in Accutech’s own laboratory in giving our technicians a well-rounded education in anatomy, dental materials, equipment, and the fabrication of orthodontic appliances. Each DVD is designed to be a building block in the education of the technician trainee.

We recommend starting with "Introduction to the Orthodontic Laboratory” to ensure that the trainee can follow the narratives and perform the hand skills as the videos progress.

Introduction to the Orthodontic Lab DVD"

This DVD focuses on the basics of each of the production processes for making appliances. It is an hour & four minutes long and covers the following:

  • Anatomy Terminology
  • Basic wire bending
  • Pouring acrylic
  • Trimming acrylic
  • Pumicing and polishing