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Goldilocks Splint

 The Goldilocks is our top of the line hard/soft splint.

Its unique design combines the most desirable features of the traditional hard acrylic splint with the patient comfort of a soft vinyl splint. The hard acrylic exterior can be molded to suit treatment objective (contacts, ramps for cuspid and anterior guidance, etc.) The soft vinyl liner includes a unique system of hard occlusal stops to eliminate the "spongy" effect associated with the most soft-lined splints.

Accutech's Goldilocks Provides

  • Maximum patient comfort & excellent retention
  • No impinging or unsightly clasps
  • Perfect for patients with crown and bridge work
  • Can be modified with cold cure acrylic
  • Engages and locks in undercuts, yet flexible enough to take in and out of the mouth with ease
  • No rocking or warping
  • Available on upper or lower arch