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Accutech History

The history of Accutech Orthodontic Laboratory is a story of three dreams converging into one vision. In 1979, Daryl Mathias, upon completing his degree in Dental Technology, began his dream and opened Poplar Hill Orthodontic Laboratory in Chesapeake, Virginia. Nine years later upon completing their degrees in Dental Technology, Kendall Lamp and Dave Scanlan began their partnership and dreams by opening Accutech Orthodontic Laboratory in Richmond, VA.

After several years of operation, the two laboratories, although from separate regions of Virginia, found themselves beginning to compete for the same client base. Instead of the classic scenario of one laboratory defeating another or a spilt of the same eligible clients, the three proprietors decided to join forces.

In August of 1996, the two companies, Poplar Hill Orthodontic Laboratory and Accutech Orthodontic Laboratory, were dissolved. From this a new strong alliance was formed- Accutech Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc. Today Accutech Orthodontic Laboratory Inc. is a company of strong vision and conviction with offices in both Suffolk and Richmond, VA. The company’s vision and game plan strive to make it a leader in dental and orthodontic appliance fabrication, design, and technology. The company’s goal is to be the pinnacle of the dental laboratory industry.

All three owners are CDTs and have over 100 years of combined technical and business experience.