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Lessons and Quizzes Book

All of our lessons are approved CE (Continuing Education) credits by “The National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology”

Be sure to review the CDT and/or the RG requirements accordingly. Each of the lessons is worth one half of hour of CE credit.


 How to get your CE credits.


Select a lesson and take the quiz.

Scan your completed quiz and email to Accutech with the following information.

1- Your name, address and phone number

2- Email address

3- Your CDT or RG identification number


Scan and email completed quiz and information to


You must pass the quiz with a passing grade of 80 or above. We will grade your quiz and submit it to the NBC. Your CE credits will be posted by the NBC under your personal membership with NADL.

Contact Daryl Mathias for details:


This book is a collection of all of our orthodontic lab & appliance lessons. Each lesson comes with a quiz for that particular lesson. Lessons Included are;


Hanks Herbst                  

Alpern Appliances                   

Lab Terms                

Distal Jets


Functional Appliances            

Fisher BCA               

Spring Retainers  

Invisible Retainers   

Surveying & Block Outs  

Active Plates  

Diagnostic Study Models  




Distorted Impressions  

Fixed Appliances  

Indirect Bonding  

Digital Orthodontic Lab  


Bonded Lingual Retainers  

Bones and Muscles of the Oral Environment 

Sleep Apnea (TAP3)  

Distraction Osteogenesis