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Conceal Invisible Retainer Solution

The Conceal Invisible Retainer System (CIRS) delivers quality, consistency and value. The system can be used to replace an old retainer, lost retainer, and used for same day retainer placement during take down (Conceal Plus). 

You choose how many retainers to purchase based upon the patients budget. We will return to your office the quantity of CIRS appliances ordered along with the printed 3d model. 

In order to decrease the cost of this service, if the patient should lose their retainer within 5 years, you simply have to send a new Rx to Accutech and we will retrieve the scans from our database for up to 5 years* and send back to you the number of CIRS appliances requested. This eliminates another impression or scanning appointment thus increasing your return on your purchase. 

With Conceal Plus we can add features such as minor tooth movement **, anterior pontics, bonded lingual retainer (QuickBond BLR), and bracket removal.

Call the lab for more details- 1-800-734-7855