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Orthodontic Appliance Design Manual

Simplify your life by standardizing your appliances!

There are many books available about orthodontic appliances. This is the first of its kind in that it integrates industry appliance standards, technician training, and clinician preferences into one system that provides predictable results. This book has 190 pages with a compilation of over 65 of the most common appliances used in an orthodontic practice today. There are two pages per appliance. The top page displays color photos with multiple views of an appliance and defines what it is used for. The bottom page illustrates a sketch with acrylic standards, wire standards and appliance components. Each page also has a Notes section. The back of the manual includes a glossary of lab terms, appliance accessories, basic dental anatomy, a preference change form, and an “understanding appliance types” section.

This book is an excellent reference guide for lab communications, patient education, staff training, and sharing with your referring professionals.