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Invisible Anterior Tooth Aligners

Increase your income with Invisible Anterior Tooth Aligners from Accutech!

Accutech stays on the cutting edge of new technologies providing you with cost and time saving techniques to grow your practice. Our invisible anterior tooth aligners are used primarily to correct minor discrepancies for Maxillary and Mandibular anteriors. Digital technology allows us to make highly accurate incremental setups taking the guesswork out of anterior alignment. We use very thin, high grade, FDA approved material that is pressure formed to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit. 

Here are some tips to help you get the best results when considering treatment with invisible aligners.  

  • When aligning teeth, three factors must be carefully considered: FORCE, SPACE, TIME.

  • Some IPR may need to be done by the doctor in order to create enough space. At your request, we can indicate the estimated amounts required.

  • Each aligner should be worn for 3 weeks.

  • A treatment plan based on 3 to 4 trays is suggested. Results can be checked after the final tray to determine if additional movement is required.

  • Not all cases are good candidates for clear aligner treatment. We may suggest alternative treatments in these situations.

Tooth Movement Guidelines

Direction of movement            Amount

Mesial/Distal                               .3mm

Buccal/Lingual                            .3mm

Torque Facial/Lingual                1-2 Degrees

Angulation                                 1 Degree

Rotation                                     2-3 Degrees 

We accept digital or traditional impressions

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