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Digital Services

Get Started Using Accutech as your Digital Laboratory.

Accutech Retainer

Step 1- Choose your Digital Impression System Click Here to Choose A Digital Impression System

Step 2- Complete the digital Rx. Click Here To Download the Digital Rx PDF

Step 3- Call 1-800-413-4522 or email so we can set up your HIPPA compliant file transfer site. This will allow you to upload your digital impression file and the digital Rx. How To Upload a Digital File

Systems List

Click on the type of Intra Digital Impression System you use.

iTero Digital Impression System Click Here for iTero Instructions

3M True Definition Digital Impression System

3Shape Trios Digital Impression System-coming soon

Lythos Digital Impression System-coming soon

iTero Intra Oral Scanner

How To Export and Save an .stl File From Your iTero Scanner

  1. Typically you will be exporting iRecord scans to Accutech. You can also export iCast.
    1. iRecord scans will be available online within 30 minutes of the scan.
    2. iCast scans are typically available in 2-5 days (iTero may charge you a fee).
  2. Log in to your MY Aligntech Account. This may be your IOC icon.
  3. On the home page you will see a list of your patient scans.
  4. Left click the patient you wish to export.
  5. Left click on Export. The export button is usually found on the lower part of the screen in blue text.
  6. If you get a screen asking for permission, left click allow.
  7. An OrthoCAD export screen will appear. Use the drop down menus to do the following:
    1. Change Export Type to: Open Shell
    2. Change Data Format to: Two Files (each arch oriented teeth up)
    3. Change Folder Name to: Patient Name
  8. Left click Export, then left click yes.
    1. Advanced users can view the .stl file that they have exported. You will need to have the iTero Viewer installed on your computer. Click Support for installation instructions.
  9. A small screen will appear telling you where the .stl files were saved. Write this location down. You will need it later to upload your files to Accutech. Your scans are now saved to your computer and you are ready to upload them to Accutech.

How to upload .stl files to Accutech

  1. Log in to your Accutech Share File account.
  2. Left click on the folder with the doctor’s name.
  3. Left click Upload Files.
  4. Left click Choose Files.
  5. Find the location of the file that you wish to upload. This is when you need the .stl file location you saved following the Export and Save .stl File instructions.
  6. Once you have found the file, left double click the file to insert the file into the upload.
  7. To add additional files, go back to step 4.
  8. When you have finished adding your files to upload, left click Upload files.